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What role does PCB Design play in determining any electronic product success?

In Short, PCB Design or PCB Layout plays a critical role for any successful product development.

Even if the circuit design or schematic is correct, if the PCB Design Layout is done wrong then the PCBs don’t work at all. If you already have the schematic or circuit and looking to develop a PCB design, we shall advise that the existing Schematic be reviewed before proceeding to PCB design

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PCB being the heart of each and every electronic item and all the tracks being the arteries and veins. We design PCB keeping many aesthetic, functional, safety and protection parameters in mind. We offer best-in-class PCB Design Services worldwide.


⭐ We are specialists in providing a wide range of Printed Circuit Board design. The PCBs designed by PCB Must have proven to be robust, reliable and cost effective thus ensuring high level of customer satisfaction.

⭐ We, at PCB Must follow best industry practices and IPC standards while creating footprints, UL and other EMI/EMC best practices while doing placement and routing.

⭐ We provide 24X7 live support for designing and reviewing PCB online

⭐ We have a team of expert PCB designers and developers, who cumulatively have more than 100 years of diverse field experience. The experts invest a considerable amount of time and efforts in brainstorming for developing Robust PCB Board Design.

⭐ We are proficient in designing basic pcb design and simple PCB Layout to highly complex PCB 

⭐ PCB Design is an art and we are PCB Artists who give our 100% in each and every PCB we design

✅Our PCB Services include IPC based Footprints Creation, PCB Placement, PCB layout designing, Gerber Generation, Customized Prototyping, Hardware testing and Reviewing existing PCB.

✅We are providing services in various tools like ALTIUM DESIGNER, EAGLE, ORCAD, KICAD, PADS, MENTOR GRAPHICS, CADENCE ALLEGRO, ORCAD etc.

✅We are experts in designing High Speed PCB with capabilities of designing and prototyping multi-layer PCB (upto 32 layers).

✅ RF PCB , PCB Antenna, PCB Antenna Design, PCB Bluetooth Antenna, PCB Wifi Antenna Chip Antenna Selection, Differential Routing, Impedance matching, Length Matching  etc. are some of our key skill-sets

✅PCB Artwork is executed with PCB Floor Planning, Component Placement, Routing and Creating Gerber Data from PCB

✅Our Team of PCB Design Consultants also support live remote in online PCB Design at client side

✅We can also convert the designs from KICAD PCB to EAGLE PCB, EAGLE PCB Design to ALTIUM PCB and vice versa

✅We are ranked no. 1 in providing PCB CAD Services and prove as the best outsource design partner

✅Our Range of Altium PCB Design includes pcb schematic, pcb circuit design, high speed PCB, pcb drawing, design simulation etc

We shall be happy to discuss your project requirements and would suggest the best design strategy while offering the premium design services.

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We are having the following expertise and capabilities for PCB Design Services:

⭐ Footprints Creation

⭐ Schematic and Footprint Library Management

⭐ Rigid PCB Design, Flex PCB design, Rigid Flex PCB Design

⭐ Smallest form Factor PCB Design

⭐ Antenna/ RF PCB Design

⭐ BLE, Wifi PCB Design

⭐ Compute Module Breakout Board (Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, IMX8 etc) PCB Design

⭐ Upto 32 layers PCB Design with High Speed (DDR4, DDR3 etc) Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex

⭐ Differential Routing, Length matching and Impedance Matching 

⭐ Automation Cluster PCB Design

⭐ Sensor Conditioning PCB Design

⭐ PCB reverse engineering service

⭐ Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing PCB designs for cost optimization

⭐ PCB prototyping and Assembly

⭐ Keyboard PCB Design

⭐ Raspberry Pi Hat PCB design

⭐ Power Electronics PCB Design

⭐ IOT Hardware PCB Design

⭐ Embedded Hardware PCB Design

⭐ PCB Design Engineering


⭐ Drone PCB Design

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Our Projects

Circuit Board Design – Why PCB Must?

✅PCB Must is a firm believer of getting it right the first time. We follow dedicated processes and diligently crosscheck circuit board layout using our exhaustive checklists thus saving your time, cost and a frustratingly vicious cycle of incorrect outputs and alterations to rectify it.

✅Our Team specializes in customized electronic product design. We also provide PCB prototyping & assembly services so that the PCB assembly can be proven fully before embarking bulk manufacturing.

✅Design Experts have more than 15+ years of excellent experience in the designing and manufacturing of a vast variety of electronic products which are robust, reliable and cost effective.

✅We use industry leading E-CAD design tools such as Altium Designer, Eagle, Mentor Graphics, Kicad etc to handle our PCB designs. Our PCB design also uses 3D models which greatly simplifies M-CAD integration. This assures our customers that we deliver designs that are not only industry standard but also allows for easy maintenance of the designed work.

✅Our PCB design services ensures great success rates and we follow best industry design practices to ensure error free design and early market entry of products

✅With an aim to provide the best electronics solutions worldwide, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by constantly innovating and thorough research

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We have successfully executed multiple projects in various domains of industrial, consumer and laboratory. Please feel free to ask for our portfolio.