High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT

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High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT

High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT with Overvoltage Protection. You can measure any analog voltage level using appropriate resistors. Designed by PCB Must in India.

The HVADC Pi Hat developed provides 16 channels of ADC with 10/12 bit resolution over SPI interface with overvoltage protection and provision for connecting unused ADC pins to 3.3V or GND with the help of easy to solder 1206 SMD resistors.

Theoretically there is no upper limit on analog voltage for measurement in this board. Easy to use 1206 resistors in the voltage divider on each channel lets you measure up to 100V DC on each channel in a precise manner and could be used for measuring any DC Voltage with the help of resistors.

High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT
High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT

Salient Features:

✅Unused Analog Inputs causes noise issues and hence could be Pull Up/down using easy to solder 1206 resistors

✅Each Channel is protected with overvoltage at Raspberry Pi side for safe and Reliable Operation

✅8 Digital Inputs/Outputs are also given access of Raspberry Pi

✅I2C Interface is provided for connecting other I2C based sensors

✅UART Interface is also provided access of the Raspberry pi for Intercommunication between different Boards


✅16 Channel Analog Inputs

✅10 Bit and 12 Bit Resolution Variants Available

✅Reliable Measurement from 3.3VDC to 100 VDC on each channel

✅Overvoltage Protection on each Channel

✅Easy to solder Voltage- Divider 1206 Resistors

✅Easy to use Pull up/down 1206 resistors

✅Uses SPI Interface of Raspberry Pi

✅Access to I2C and UART Interface

✅Access to 8 Digital I/Os from Raspberry Pi

✅Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero, 1,2,3 and 4 versions

This Hat is ideal for Professionals, hobbyists, Students and Engineers working on Raspberry Pi where analog signals need to be measured.

High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT
High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT

What Makes this Hat Unique?

Right Now there is no single board which allows all the things we allow. A normal person would need to use at least 2 different boards along with a breadboard at least to provide the same functions we are providing with a single HAT.

The HAT is optimum to use for Noisy and Industrial Applications as well as it contains certain noise protection, Overvoltage Protection and default settings could be changed for the analog inputs from Pull Up To Pull Down and could be left floating as well.

The main specialty of our board is anyone can use this board and no special soldering skills are required as this contains 1206 resistors which are very easy to solder respectively.

Package Contains

✅High Voltage ADC Raspberry Pi HAT

✅Size: 65mmX56mmX11mm

✅Weight: 125 grams