Firmware Coding

Firmware is basically the soul of the PCB and “PCB Must” have the capability to develop robust firmware with adequate exception handling. Our firmware development team focusses on making the code as much simple and easy to manage. The modularity and implementation of the code is kept upto a professional standard with proper comments making it easier for future development as well.

Compact code in the least possible size with adequate exception handling ensures that the code developed is of superior quality and could be deployed in mass production. We perform adequate firmware unit level and product testing to ensure the reliability of the code

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Why choose PCB Must for Embedded System Design?

  • PCB Must is a passionate team having the mindset of “Innovation And Simplicity”. We ensure that the design is simple enough to have a good user experience and innovative enough to be profitable
  • At PCB Must, we work towards getting things right the first time. We spend major time in brainstorming right from the start and that’s how our first stage of architecture finalization starts. During the design process we invest our time for making design robust and reducing costs
  • We also support prototypes building for ensuring the MVP of the design is complete
  • With a rock solid reputation & 15+ years experience, PCB Must has developed over 1000 electronic designs, from fairly simple to highly complex.
  • Based in India, PCB Must overseas customers can expect exceptional cost savings as compared to their local design firms while maintaining quality of service

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Why You Should Develop Your Project With Us

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